double chin

7 exercise to get rid of a double chin

Double chin is referred to an extra layer of fat under your face giving the illusion of 2 chins. This problem is common in people who are overweight or obese. Other reasons for double chin include genetics or aging which also cause layers of fat to appear under your chin.

Cosmetic surgeons have noticed this problem, and they have been trying new treatments to get rid of the double chin and restore the patient’s confidence. However, surgeons rely on surgical methods to restore their patient’s facial features, and the surgery mostly involves removing the additional fat stored under the chin to make it look better.

In the U.S, the FDA recently approved a medicine that claims to help in getting rid of the dreaded double chin. This drug has been gaining popularity among the general public, and some people wonder how this product removes the additional fat from the chin. According to the manufacturer of the product, this drug works by removing the fat layer from the face and the target market for the drug is also overweight people.

But there are some other methods to lose the double chin especially for people who don’t feel comfortable with surgical procedures or chemical-based drugs. We are going to share an exercise regime that naturally burns fat from under the chin, and the best part is not very difficult to do.


Workouts to get rid of the double chin

1. The scoop

To make sure that you get rid of the fat from your face, you need to start doing this effective fat burning workout. This exercise is not an advanced form of exercise, and therefore anyone can do it.

The first step to performing the scoop is to open your mouth. Then try to wrap your lower lip around your lower teeth forming a kind of a scoop with your lower mouth area.

After this close your mouth and lift your head upwards with your lips in a relaxed position. This exercise will put pressure and tension on your chin, and you will be able to burn the fat from it.

2. Nose touching

Another great exercise for burning your chin fat is called nose touching. This exercise is exactly what it sounds like; you have to try to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue.

This exercise is great for developing muscles on your chin and repeating this exercise several times a day can get rid of the extra fat from your face. Many people who tried this exercise have reported fat from their chin melting away within weeks.

3. Drawn cheeks

Basically, to perform this exercise, you first have to start with your head turned to the left side and after your head is turned pull your lower jaw in the forward direction. Try to flex the muscles in your neck in this position, and you should be able to feel the pressure on your chin.

Now, turn your face to the other side and perform the same thing again. This exercise should be repeated at least five times daily to see a reduction in chin fat. This exercise is also great for shaping up your cheeks and keeping the skin of your face more flexible.

4. Kiss the giraffe

This exercise mimics kissing someone who is extremely tall almost as tall as a real giraffe hence the name of the exercise. You have to pucker your lips in a shape of kissing someone and flex the muscles in your neck. This position is supposed to be maintained for at least 5 to 8 seconds.

After you have held this position for the required time, release the tension in your neck and let the muscles in the neck relax. This exercise will allow you to get rid of your double chin and give your face a proper shape.

5. Resistance

This exercise needs you to put both of your fists under your lower jaw and then try to open your lower jaw while resisting the movement slightly with your fists.

Hold the position for about 5 seconds before repeating the process again. Doing this exercise is a great way to get rid of chin fat if you do it correctly. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure to the chin with your fists and keep the pressure as mild as possible.

6. Puffy cheeks

This is another very simple but effective exercise for chin fat reduction. It requires you to literally puff up your cheeks by inhaling air and storing it in your cheeks. Once you have filled your cheeks with air gently press your cheeks on both sides with the palm of your hands         without letting the air escape your mouth.

Hold the position for about 4 seconds before releasing the air and repeat the exercise 5 to 6 times. This exercise will surely strengthen your facial muscles and help make your face tighter.

7. Smile

Probably the easiest exercise you can do for improving your facial appearance is smiling. To do this exercise, hold your teeth together and close your mouth while pushing your tongue to the roof of the mouth and smile.

You will start to feel the tension increase. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release the tension. Perform this exercise multiple times in a day to see results.

Other than the exercises we have mentioned above, there are other ways to get rid of the double chin. These solutions will not only burn fat from your chin but also from other parts of your body such as belly. If you do the exercises as mentioned earlier in combination with a balanced diet, you are sure to lose fat both from your chin and other parts of the body as well.


Remedies that allow you to get rid of double chin

1. Sugar-free chewing gums

Chewing a gum that is free from sugar additives can be a great exercise for your mouth, and it will also help melt away the chin fat. If you start chewing gum, you will notice muscles appearing in your jaw and fat will be reduced.

2. Wheat germ oils

Apply this oil under your chin and gently massage the chin for 10 minutes and if possible leave the oil on your chin overnight. You can wash the oil off after waking up. Most people have seen positive results after trying this remedy.

3. Egg white mask for your face

This natural face mask is well known to prevent skin sagging that produces the appearance of a double chin. So applying this mask can make your face look younger and restore the original shape of the chin.

To prepare this mask, you will need two egg whites, one tablespoon of fresh milk, one tsp of peppermint oil, 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Mix these ingredients all together to make the perfect face mask for your sagging chin.

4. Vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E has plenty of useful benefits for your skin as it is responsible for making it appear younger and youthful. Most importantly vitamin E helps restore the sagging skin under the chin that gives the appearance of a double chin.

5. Cocoa butter

Applying cocoa butter on your double chin is one of the oldest remedies for getting rid of double chin. People who have tried this remedy have noticed results within a week or two in the form of a more shapely chin without any sagging.

You have to apply cocoa butter on your chin and massage it for a few minutes to see instant results within weeks. The best part about this remedy is that it has stood the test of time as it is an old double chin remedy.


Final thoughts

Double chin is a major cause of low self-esteem for a number of people as it causes their face to appear uneven. The conventional facial surgeries are not only expensive but can also be painful. But the simple exercises and remedies we have shared with you are easy to perform and cost near to nothing, but they definitely produce results in a natural way.

Apart from trying these exercises, you should also perform exercises to reduce your overall body fat. Losing weight from your overall body will help you get rid of the fat from your chin even quicker.