10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

Do you know that Chinese people drink warm water, especially in the mornings? Most people find it awful to drink hot water, but it has uncountable health benefits. Cold water is indeed refreshing, but it makes the digestion process difficult by hindering the absorption of nutrients. Cold water also thickens the nasal muscles, which makes it difficult for air to pass through the respiratory tract.


Roots in Ancient Chinese Culture

Ancient Chinese people believed that drinking hot water first thing in the morning helps to improve the digestive process and relieve congestion. They also believed that hot water can relax the nervous system and help to release toxins. Chinese people still drink hot tea or warm water instead of cold water. They find having cold water with meals to be an imbalance and strictly avoid it.


When drinking hot water, take care that it is not too hot because it might burn your mouth, throat, or esophagus. Keep it between 120 to 140 Fahrenheit.


Effects of Lemon

Adding lemon to warm water has even more health benefits. The most important thing is the vitamin C present in lemon, which boosts immunity and keeps colds and the flu away. Lemons are packed with many healthy nutrients such as flavonoids, limonin, potassium, and folate. A quarter cup of lemon has 31% RDA of vitamin C, 2% of potassium, and 3% of folate. Also, it has only 13 calories. What’s more, lemon helps in burning extra fat in your body.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning. We hope that you’ll start using this amazing concoction after reading about its health benefits to your body.


10 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water with Lemon

1. Sinus Congestion, Cold, and Flu

Hot water helps mucus to release faster than cold water. When you catch the flu, many people’s advice is to drink hot water to get over it. The hot water also fights sinus infections and speeds up recovery. Drinking it clears your sinuses and helps to improve breathing. Lemon has a high amount of antioxidants, which further boost the immune system if taken with hot water.

Lemons boost respiration by clearing mucus from the respiratory tract. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of hot water and sip it slowly. You will feel an instant improvement in your cold, flu, or sinus congestion.


2. Constipation Relief

If you often become constipated, try drinking hot water in the morning. Hot water can help your intestines to contract, while cold water does the opposite by inhibiting digestive enzymes. Drinking warm water in the morning on an empty stomach can regulate your bowel movements by stimulating your intestines.

Lemon contains pectin, a soluble fiber that keeps your gut healthy. It also slows down the digestion of starches and sugar, resulting in controlled blood sugar.


3. Promotes Hydration

Do you know that your body absorbs warm water quicker than cold water? Yes, warm water keeps you stay hydrated for long. You don’t need to drink more water to stay hydrated if you stick to drinking only warm water. How much you should drink depends on your activity levels and your body requirements.

Because of its refreshing flavor and high vitamin C content, lemon water can keep you hydrated and feeling fresh for longer.


4. Increases Blood Circulation

A warm water bath helps to improve blood flow in the body. The mechanism behind this is that it expands the arteries and veins, temporarily giving more room for blood to flow smoothly throughout the body. Health experts have found out that drinking hot water or tea can have a similar effect on your body.

Lemon has powerful antioxidants that can further increase blood circulation if added to your drinking water. These antioxidants boost oxygen levels and induce better blood flow, resulting in proper blood circulation throughout the body.


5. Lowers Harmful Toxin Levels

Hot water increases the internal body temperature. It activates the endocrine system and makes you sweat. It also helps in eliminating toxins. If you want to get more benefits out of it, work out regularly as it helps to boost the elimination of wastes and toxins through sweat because of increased body temperature.

Lemon has many nutrients and antioxidants that help eliminate harmful toxins. It also clears out the digestive tract for better absorption and digestion.


6. Relaxed Muscles

As we have discussed above, warm water promotes blood circulation throughout the body. As it increases blood flow to your muscles and tissues, it relieves tension and promotes relaxation in muscles, making you feel less tired after a hectic day at work.

Drink warm water with lemon before going to bed if you have trouble falling asleep at night. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon early in the morning for good start to a productive day. It also helps ease morning anxiety due to stress about the day ahead.


7. Supports Weight Loss

Warm water boosts metabolism and helps in losing weight. It also gets your intestines working for you, thus eliminating waste, toxins, and excess water. We have discussed above that warm water keeps you hydrated for long. Adding to that, studies have confirmed that proper hydration can be a crucial factor in losing weight.

Lemon juice mixed with warm water helps you lose weight faster because it contains antioxidants and vitamin C, and it keeps you hydrated for long. Also, a tablespoon of lemon juice only contains four calories. It is a good idea to replace sugary beverages with warm lemon water. It will help you eliminate toxins and unnecessary calories, as well as aid in weight loss.


8. Calms the Nervous System

When you drink cold water, your body uses its energy to warm it up to its own temperature of 98.6 degrees. As a result, it shocks the nervous system, resulting in a feeling of anxiety and stress all day long. On the other hand, drinking warm water helps you relax and requires no energy from the body to warm it up.

When you add lemon to water, it improves your mood and emotions. It also activates norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that helps in improving concentration by affecting the part of your brain that controls focus and attention.


9. Aids in Healthy Digestion

As we discussed before, warm water expands blood vessels and induces increased blood flow to the intestines. This helps in speeding up the digestion process. You stay hydrated more when you drink warm water, which allows your body to get rid of toxins faster.

People use lemon water as a detoxifying drink to improve liver function and help eliminate toxins from the body. Whenever you have disturbed digestion, use warm water with lemon, and it will work as an effective natural remedy.


10. Improves Skin Quality

When you drink warm water with lemon regularly, it will hydrate your skin, and you’ll notice a healthy glow. In 2016, a study performed on mice proved that a citrus-based drink helps prevent wrinkle formation. Vitamin C keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It helps reduce wrinkling, dry skin, and sun damage, as well as keep the skin hydrated.


Possible Risks and Side Effects

It is safe to drink hot lemon water, but there are some side effects you should keep in mind:

  • Do not entirely rely on hot water for all your health-related issues. Use it alongside other lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, meditating, and positive thinking.
  • If you work out in the sun or do vigorous exercise at the gym, do not drink warm water as your body temperature is already high. Instead, drink cold water to cool down your body temperature.
  • The citric acid in lemon can erode tooth enamel. The best practice is to drink it with a straw and then rinse your mouth with plain water afterward.
  • Citric acid may cause heartburn in some people.


Final Thoughts

Warm water with lemon is a refreshing start to the day and a healthy alternative to coffee and tea. It has many health benefits, as we discussed in this article. It keeps you calm and relaxed, hydrated, promotes digestion, increases metabolism, keeps the cold away, and helps with insomnia. Moreover, it relieves tension in the nervous system and relaxes the muscles.

Another effective method is to cut lemon into thin slices and put the slices in a water bottle. Drink this lemon detox water throughout the day, and you’ll feel the difference.

If you are not drinking warm water with lemon already, start today! All you need to do is brew some hot water and squeeze a lemon into it. Sip it slowly, and you’ll feel a remarkable change in your mood. The jolt of energy from it will have you feeling refreshed and energized all day long.